Mission Statement

“To provide for and assist the Fort Sill Apache Tribe in the development of planned constructed, and maintain a safe and efficient transportation network.” BIA roads and bridges are often major corridors that provide access for tribal communities through which emergency personnel (fire, police, ambulance, etc.) school buses, and the workforce transportation that is used daily for tribal members and the general public.

Program Description (services)

The Tribal Transportation Program addresses transportation needs of the tribe by providing funds for planning, designing, construction, and maintenance activities for all public roads. The regulations for the Tribal Transportation Program are published in the Code of Federal Regulation, 25 C.F.R. Part 170.

The Transportation Program receives 2% Planning funds annually, these funds are used to maintain an Indian Reservation Roads (IRR) priority list and daily office operations, this does not include a salary, funding is minimal for planning funds. The Transportation program has access to “construction funds”, these funds are used for certain construction projects from the Fort Sill Apache Inventory list. These funds are generated yearly just as the planning funds, and are built up yearly for the tribal (FSAT) needs.

Our past projects using Transportation funds include, the Emergency Youth Shelter parking lot and sidewalks, the Tribal Complex parking lot (asphalt overlay), Jeff Street in the city of Apache (asphalt overlay) for our tribal homes and to date we are finalizing the “Cedar side Addition road” (newly developed/asphalt road) which will be known as Oak street due to adjoining the existing Oak Street in the city of Apache, this road is for our newest development for our tribal homes.

The Fort Sill Apache Transportation Program will continue to address current and future land use, economic development, traffic demand, public safety, health, and social needs. The Fort Sill Apache Transportation program will continue to partner with the BIA, Oklahoma Department of Transportation, and all local governmental agencies concerning tribal properties.

Contact Info

David Weryackwe
Transportation Director

43187 US Hwy 281
Apache, OK  73006
P. 580-588-2298