Stephanie Tubbs Jones Child Welfare Services (Title IV-B, Subpart I)

Supplements ICW by providing services to Fort Sill Apache children who have been placed in out-of-home care with emergency needs and for members who are involved in involuntary custody proceedings in state or tribal court. This program will also assist families who are experiencing some type of crisis that might put the children at risk for child abuse, neglect and/or removal from the home.

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  • Provide short term crisis counseling for the reduction of stress in the family unit.
  • Provide life skills assistance to help families identify specific problems or issues that could lead to family discord.
  • Assist families in need with groceries, hygiene and clothing to families that meet the need assistance
  • Assist Family with rent, utilities if they meet the need.


Title IVB (Part 1) is for tribal members who meet the need for assistance and live within our service area.

Service Area

  • Caddo, Comanche, Grady, And Kiowa Counties.
  • We can help tribal members who live outside of the services areas in certain situations but it would need approval by supervisor.

Contact Info

Brian Wahnee

P. 580-588-2298  x2263
C. 580-699-1125
E. Brian.wahnee@fortsillapache-nsn.gov