At the heart of our tribal governance is the General Council, the supreme governing body of the Fort Sill Apache Tribe. Comprised of all members aged eighteen and older, the General Council ensures that the voices and aspirations of our community are heard and respected.

Through absentee ballot elections, the General Council exercises its power. Proposals for elections can be made through a majority vote at a General Council meeting, a petition signed by ten percent (10%) of the Fort Sill Apache General Council, or through the initiative of the Business Committee or Tribal Chairman.

Annually, the General Council votes to approve the tribal operations budget and to elect members of the Business Committee. Additionally, the General Council convenes as necessary and holds a significant meeting on the first Saturday of October, coinciding with the Business Committee elections.

The Business Committee, composed of six members, including a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer, and three additional Committeemen, holds office for a period of two years. The officers of the Business Committee also serve as officers of the General Council.

Responsibilities of the Business Committee include overseeing the tribal membership application process, maintaining the tribal rolls, managing the tribal operations budget, and supervising tribal government programs. Moreover, the Business Committee appoints board members who play vital roles in various aspects of the tribe’s operations and, when applicable, approves their budgets.

We take great pride in our tribal government structure, which upholds the values of transparency, representation, and accountability. Through the General Council and the dedicated members of the Business Committee, we strive to foster the growth and prosperity of the Fort Sill Apache Tribe.