Program Description

The Social Service Program is funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs which includes General assistance. General assistance is designed to assist tribal members who meet eligibility criteria. The only exception to this is if you are caring for a Tribal member under the age of 18 and are receiving no income in child support/ social security/ or disability for that child. This either done by family request or concern or by request by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The Social Service program also provides guardianships for the elderly and supervision on the elderly or mentally handicapped supervised IIM account. Accounts are supervised because the person is either physically or mentally unable to provide for their own financial care. Most families will petition for this if they feel someone is taking advantage of this family member or the person is making bad financial decisions.

Social Services can also provide brief crisis counseling to families. Counseling is in the form of determining what needs the family may have. After this is determined the family will be referred to the appropriate agency

  • We can provide transportation to CFR court or to the Department of Human Services. We do not provide transportation to medical appointments (However, we can make a referral to the appropriate CHR).
  • We provide well checks on the elderly and the mentally handicapped.
  • Guardianships are determined by the CFR court. After the court deems us guardian, we make sure that elderly person is being well cared for.
  • Supervised IIM accounts are determined by the CFR court.

Eligibility, Guidelines, and/or Requirements

Must be enrolled members(s) of the Fort Sill Apache and not received service from another program withing the jurisdiction of the service area.

State and Federal TANF financial guidelines are used to determine eligibility for financial assistance. Call for more information.

Service Area

Applicant(s) must reside within the jurisdiction of the Anadarko Agency which consist of five counties: Caddo, Comanche, Cotton, Tillman and Kiowa.

Contact Info

Carlos Feliciano
Social Services Coordinator