Chairwoman’s Message

As Chairwoman of the Fort Sill Chiricahua Warms Springs Apache Tribe for the past five months, my focus has been on serving and empowering our community. From the outset, I recognized the importance of addressing our people’s needs and guiding our tribe towards a brighter future.

Establishing stability and organization within our tribe was among my initial priorities. I scheduled meetings for the entire year to facilitate clear communication and inclusive decision-making among tribal members nationwide. This foundational step lays the groundwork for a more cohesive community.

Preserving our cultural heritage is of utmost importance to me. I took pride in advocating for the adoption of our traditional name, Fort Sill Chiricahua Warm Springs Apache Tribe, reaffirming our ties to our ancestral roots.

Effective leadership thrives on transparency and open communication. I restructured our internal processes to ensure vital information is readily shared with tribal members. Whether updating facilities or collaborating with economic development boards, fostering unity and cooperation within our tribe was my goal.

Representing our tribe regionally and nationally is crucial. I’ve actively participated in organizations like the Oklahoma Indian Tax Association, the United Indian Nations of Oklahoma, and Native American Finance Officers Association, advocating for our tribe’s interests and fostering partnerships with neighboring tribes and governmental bodies. In addition to that, I’ve been very involved in doing work in New Mexico, attending legislative sessions, getting in front of senators and congressman.

Education is a cornerstone of our community. I’ve worked to expand opportunities for tribal members of all ages, whether through adult education programs or scholarships for college students. I’m very proud of the policy approved that will increase our education programs to include trade, technology and lineman schools. Our elder programs provide essential support, including nutrition and engaging activities for seniors.

Combatting cultural appropriation remains a significant challenge. As part of the United Indian Nations, I’ve led efforts to raise awareness and oppose exploitative practices, protecting the integrity of our traditions and honoring our ancestors’ legacies.

Looking ahead, I am filled with hope and determination. I remain committed to serving my tribe passionately and with integrity, whether by forging partnerships with local governments or participating in regional committees. Together, we will continue advancing with strength, resilience, and unwavering dedication.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as Chairwoman of the Fort Sill Apache tribe. Though my journey has had its challenges, it has also been deeply rewarding. I am honored to contribute to the well-being and prosperity of my community, and together, we will persevere with strength and unity.

Posted April 3, 2024

Open Position: EDA Board of Trustees Member

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